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We are a small but focused team delivering big value in the digital video space. Our job is to bring creativity into both image and production, helping our clients create the most effective content possible.

Meet The Team


Dave New
Production Manager

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A recogniseable laugh and contagious positive vibes, this sums up Dave. Super approachable and loves efficiency, you’ll see him working/dancing across departments trying to lend a hand where needed.


Bobby Goulding
Creative Director
Director / DoP

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Founded Pavilion in 2016. With a rich background as a videographer and photographer, Bobby brings his creative flare to the running of this company. The life and soul of any shoot, he often comes on projects as Director or DP. 



Nathan Brown
Assistant Director

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Loves a good spreadsheet. Straddles the fence between excitable creative producer and astute professional who took some accountancy exams. Nathan continuously looks to create order from disorder, before eventually recognising the chaos is inevitable. 


Bee Buckingham

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Sasha van Diepen

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A recent Anthropology and Biology graduate, Bee is exploring her passion for writing and film. Whilst keeping the company on track you’ll also find her pursuing any opportunity to get stuck in on set or hanging out with the office's canine residents.

Sasha is an actress keen to develop her skills both in front of and behind the camera. Our most recent addition - and our social media guru - her unerring enthusiasm for any task sent her way has made her a cheerful and proactive member of the group. 

What I love about working with Pavilion Films is how collaborative their approach is; from initial concept and storyboarding through to their open communication on shoots. 

JoJo Ma, Art Director

Pavilion deliver results. Hardworking and solution-oriented, they find a way of getting things done. They make films that look good and make it look easy.

Luke Norton, Creative Director

Pavilion bring a high level of skill and creativity  to all the projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on with them. Client satisfaction is always at the forefront of their minds. 

Graham Jones, Art Director

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